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LISTEN to samples from the 'Greatest Twits' CD:

Just click on a song title to hear a sample of the song!

01. Scotty and Lulu - Chums!
02. Five Silly Clowns
03. Ain't it Great to be Crazy!
04. Rockin' Rollin' Pirate Ship
05. The Wriggle and Twist
06. Ooooh Yuk!
07. Three Little Speckled Frogs
08. Treasure Hunt
09. Ten Little Aliens

10. Swimming in the Swimming Pool
11. A Sailor Went to Sea
12. You Can do Anything
13. Splashing in the Puddles
14. Tail of Tam the Whale
15. Animal Olympics
16. Alien Rock
17. Let's Play
18. Aitken Drum
19. Creatures of the Earth
20. Another New Adventure
21. Five Little Wizards
22. Agent '97
23. The Alphabet Rap
24. Beans
25. Thanks to Everyone

All lyrics and songs: The Scotty and Lulu Partnership.