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The 'Supersonic' Album:
Perfect blend of kiddy-oriented lyrics and addictive melodies!

'Supersonic' blasts off with progressive club dance beats and cruises through classical ballads.

Twenty original songs including: Scruff, Popstar, Hairy Scarey Monsters, Funky Monkey, Supersonic Spaceship, Pirates, and I am Me.

Ideal for children aged 4 to 11 years.

"Scotty and Lulu take the children on a magical voyage of make believe and play through their unique brand of music and lyrics" - The Parents Journal

"Pure Progressive Pop for Pre-School and Beyond"


  • CMWA 2000 - Winner "Best Music For Younger
        Children" award.
  • CMWA 2000 - 'Popstar' - Winner of
       "Best Song For Older Children" award.
  • CMWA 2000 - 'Tommy Tucker' - Finalist for
       "Best Song For Older Children" award.

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