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Scotty and Lulu have been producing and performing children's music for thirteen years. They have five award winning albums - Greatest Twits, Supersonic, Go!, Fish Food and Bounce!,
and have performed over 4,000 children's music shows in Asia, America and the UK . Famed for their catchy kiddy pop songs, Scotty and Lulu are masters of the interactive children's dance party. Their music encourages movement, make believe and plenty of audience participation. So get ready to dance, sing and have a whole lot of fun!

In 1994 Scotty and Lulu launched their massively successful children's musical performing career in the small provincial town of Hong Kong. Appearing on a twice weekly children's TV program "Beeswacks", the duo were an immediate hit with the vast 2 - 12 year old population. Their flare for fun musical genius and unpredictable spontaneity created a cult following which is now spreading like a penetrating pong to the outer reaches of planet earth and the inner reaches of the outer universe.

Their style has been described as "exhausting" (by Lulu after being chased by three thousand five year olds at a sell out show at the HK Academy for Performing Arts in 1995). A simple formula with fun as the main ingredient mixed with music, action, acrobatics, audience participation, stories and educational exhilaration (shaken and stirred in a Kenwood Super Chef high speed mixer). With action oriented songs like Rockin' Rollin' Pirate Ship The Wriggle and Twist, Treasure Hunt and Splashing in the Puddles their debut CD 'Greatest Twits' was a best seller on the international kiddy charts winning a number of prestigious music awards. Their follow up CD 'Supersonic' was described as a "Pure progressive pop for pre-school and beyond" a must for every car journey with kids. It was voted best music for older children at the Children's Music Web Awards 2000. More awards and accolades were to follow with GO!, Fish Food and BOUNCE!

Scotty and Lulu's music adds a new dimension to the concept of children's entertainment. It stretches the imagination and encourages learning through play and musical make believe. We hope you enjoy it!

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